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It's not too late.
In fact, there's no better time to renew your dreams and realign your approach to achieving them.

When you consider what is possible in this season of your life, does this sound familiar?

It's too late for me.

I have no idea what to do next.

My career runway is too short for that.

It's impractical and risky to make a move now. 

I should just be grateful and ride it out.

Yet somehow, deep down, you know your career is no longer serving you - the idea of riding it out feels terrible.

And it's getting harder and harder to ignore your inner voice - the one that keeps reminding you that you want more.

The voice that is desperate for you to start exploring...

What if MORE is possible?
More IS possible.
This revelation was both exhilarating and terrifying for me. Making a move felt risky. 
My career vision and planning resulted in years of success and valuable learning. As a tech executive in my early 40's, I found myself physically and emotionally exhausted.
I was ignoring my inner voice. She was telling me it was time for change. That leg of my career journey was complete - unexpectedly complete. 

This was also the beginning of My Midlife Uprising. 
Your Midlife UPRISING
As women, we're taught to age gracefully - not boldly and certainly not however we please.

Midlife Uprising is choosing to age fiercely aligned to your truth, your potential and your rules. It is deciding that you have more to offer and more to gain. This is a worthwhile path to pursue - one that requires curiosity, courage and community. 

If you want to empower your life with a renewed sense of love and connection to your work, and most importantly to yourself,
I'd love to coach you forward. 
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