I believe any woman, at any age, can craft an incredible life for herself, full of adventure and possibility - if she chooses to.

What do you choose?

As a leader in technology for over 20 years, I became an expert at achieving while dealing with imposter syndrome and the unavoidable discomfort that comes with career growth.


I gained incredible experience leading large global teams, managing multi-million-dollar budgets, presenting to c-suite executives, and showing up as the only woman in far too many meetings. I even completed an MBA, while working full-time, with two young children at home.

I found the time and the energy. I made these choices for me.

In my early 40’s, I got stuck. I decided my career runway was short, and my options limited. Making another career move seemed risky. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. For several years I tried to “just be grateful” and “ride it out”. 

This was a gloriously epic fail.

My loved ones saw less and less of the happy, engaged version of me. Googling “career help”, and “WTF is wrong with me”, finally led me to my life coach. I realized that my mindset is my most powerful asset. I learned how to stop over-thinking and second guessing myself. 

I started to dream and achieve again.

This powerful mid-career transformation inspired me to further pursue my passion to empower women to embrace how extraordinarily capable they are and to go after their dreams. 

And now you’ve found me!

I’d love to hear your story and discuss how I can help you continue to dream and achieve. 

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Jennifer has always been committed to growth, contribution and empowerment– her own and that of those with whom she works. I highly recommend Jennifer as a role model and coach for any woman looking to learn from one who has been there and done it well. She has proven herself to be an incredible leader who lifts and inspires, who engages to understand and who cares deeply about everyone being given the opportunity to achieve their potential. 

Debbie, COO & Technology Executive, Venture Capital Sector