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My Midlife Uprising
In my early 40's, the goal chasing approach I had successfully used to navigate my career for years had run its course. I was at a loss as to what I wanted next and how to move forward. I found myself exhausted and fearful of the uncertainty I now faced. 

As I enter my 50's, I am so grateful for the past version of me that held onto her desire to pursue greatness. The journey through my 40's was not easy. It was full of vulnerability, self-reflection, courageous change, and a willingness to honour my truest desires. 
My Coaching
Informed by the hard-won perspective I've gained as an accomplished leader and ever-evolving human, my coaching is rooted in curiosity, compassion, community, and a sense of humour.

A glimpse of the experience I bring:
  • 25 years of leadership in technology, data & banking

  • Managing multi-million dollar budgets; large global teams​

  • Making many bold career moves from corporate executive positions to becoming a full-time entrepreneur

  • Navigating career alongside the physical, emotional and financial demands of midlife (E.g. menopause, empty nest)

Living your greatness looks beautifully unique for everyone. Let's start exploring your vision together. 


My Brand

Jennifer has always been committed to growth, contribution and empowerment – her own and that of those with whom she works. She has proven herself to be an incredible leader who lifts and inspires, who engages to understand and who cares deeply about everyone being given the opportunity to achieve their potential.

I highly recommend Jennifer as a role model and coach for any woman looking to learn from one who has been there and done it well. 

Debbie L, Chief Operating Officer, Venture Capital Sector

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