Stressed Woman

As a woman in Science, Tech, Engineering or Math (STEM), you’ve experienced the thrill of innovation, solved difficult problems, and accumulated many proud moments of achievement over the years. With a lack of diversity in STEM, you’ve done all this despite the barriers that arise when you are the minority or “the only” on your team and in meetings.

At some point, new challenges may have stopped firing you up or you forgot why you care so much about that promotion. You may be tired of all the politics, risks, or mounting deadlines. Your health and personal relationships may be suffering as a result of fueling your career with anxiety and self-doubt. And those golden handcuffs are on tight now...

You know you aren't happy where you are,

but you can’t figure out how to get somewhere better.

I can help you get somewhere much better.


You may have already tried many things to get unstuck, spending significant time and energy but with limited success. What is happening!?! Your brilliant analytical brain, that generally serves you so well, has kicked into over-thinking and second guessing mode, keeping you stuck.

My Get Unstuck Program is specifically designed to move you from stuck to unstuck in 8 weeks.

Your mindset is the key to achieving the results you want. My program will teach you how to think rather than what to do. It will blow your mind with possibility and potential. What you really want will become clear and you will be able to hold yourself accountable to go after it. I've experienced this! 

I am no longer stuck.

I am on an incredible career adventure.

And you can be too.


My Get Unstuck Program offers a highly personal and purpose-driven journey across 3 stages, involving practical tools and powerful questions to transform your thinking and ultimately your career. I also teach you how to use my coaching tools to develop your own self-coaching practice, so you can stay unstuck for good.



  • Understand and embrace where you are now

  • Dream and decide where you want to be


  • Develop an actionable plan to move forward

  • Proactively anticipate all the obstacles that may get in your way


3. ACT

  • Take meaningful action, with support to stay accountable

  • Develop self-coaching skills to maintain long-term momentum


Ready to start dreaming and achieving again?


Jennifer has been able to help pinpoint the thoughts that were keeping me “stuck”. Jennifer has encouraged me to dig deeper and this has led me to some massive self-realizations. An hour with her takes me further than weeks of self-coaching on my own. The way she holds space for me without judgment during sessions enables me to open up and explore the issue without judgment for myself.

Beth, Senior Agrologist, Agriculture Industry