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Queens & Dreams Retreat 

July 16, 2022   Queensville, ON

About the Retreat

I'm hosting a small group of amazing women at my beautiful country property, an hour north of Toronto.

We'd love for you to join us.

Reconnect with your Dreams.

Commit to your Goals with Confidence.

Expand your Network with Inspiring Women.

This is a perfect opportunity to turn up the volume on that whisper of a desire you have to tackle a bold goal. It's an ideal environment to discover and own what you really want.

There's no better way to begin a new adventure than alongside a supportive group of women

wanting to do the exact same thing.

Write a book? Get promoted? Start a business?

Travel the world? Run a marathon? Not sure?

Bring it. We're here for all of it and all of YOU.

Ready to get out of your funk and get after your dreams with confidence, commitment and a splash of fun?

Join us. You'll realize your dreams are not only possible, they are inevitable. 

The Details

Date and Time:

Saturday, July 16, 2022 - FULLY BOOKED!

10am - 2pm Workshop

2pm - 4pm Poolside


Jennifer's 3-acre country property in Queensville, ON


Morning coaching will focus on living dreams and setting powerful goals.

Afternoon coaching will focus on taking action and staying committed. 

Also Includes:

Healthy Lunch, Snacks and Refreshments,

Vision Board Creative and Grounding Exercise

Enjoyment of Heated salt water Pool, Hot Tub, and 3 acres of Flower Gardens

Follow Up Group Coaching call via Zoom in September



Ready to be treated like the Queen you are?

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