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I help organizations that are serious about their commitment to diversity in senior leadership roles.

My approach uniquely empowers and inspires leaders to thrive from the inside out - enabling sustainable, elevated business and career outcomes. 

Leadership Workshops 

Informed by my hard-won perspective as an executive leader, my 1/2 day workshops uniquely get to the heart of what is fueling all your leadership actions – your beliefs. 

Your beliefs about yourself and your team directly impact the energy you are carrying and sharing with others.

Becoming intentional about your beliefs is the secret sauce to sustainably achieving your goals, elevating your leadership presence, and embracing your career journey.

If you are looking for an impactful workshop for your organization, look no further. 

Executive Coaching

 My personalized 1 on 1 coaching journeys focus on accelerating your leader's highest priority career and leadership goals, while optimizing their well being. 

Coaching my clients from the "inside out" transforms the way they think and feel about what's possible for them and their team.

By building a sustainable, purposeful and fun practice of goal attainment, my clients are able to take more informed risk, develop deeper relationships, influence better business decisions and avoid burnout. 

Let's discuss how I can coach your senior leaders forward. 


I've had the pleasure of being a host, keynote speaker, panelist and moderator at many large and small events.

I am passionate about inspiring people to embrace their unique greatness. I take pride in engaging with authenticity, pulling from my experiences. 

I've spoken on topics including:

My Journey to Empowerment 

Belief Driven Leadership

Telling Your Power Story

Becoming a Super-Connector

 Embracing Imposter Syndrome

 See my Blog for other topics. 

Let's discuss how I can contribute to the success of your event. 


"Thanks Jennifer for the enlightening session! Reflecting on your talk, I feel mentally recharged this weekend. I’m pumped to explore new frontiers and challenges."

Attendee, My Journey to Empowerment Keynote

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