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The Jennifer Chronicles: Dream Making Month 5

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

It's been 5 months since I "retired" from corporate life to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Physically, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm eating well and weightlifting 4x a week. I'm getting a massage every month and after nearly a year, my frozen shoulders (this is a thing) are almost completely "thawed". I can finally put my hands on my hips again among other things! Thanks to my Coach Jordanna Nativ and fellow Team Strong Girls for their support alongside my journey to Strong.

Emotionally, it has been a ride - truly a rollercoaster. I'm not just building a coaching business. I'm evolving all aspects of my life. We will be empty nesters in the fall and as much as I am excited for my kids, I am grieving hard for the family we once were while trying to stay open to the joy of being a parent of amazing young adults. I was not prepared for this shift and its impact on my role as a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur...all the things. I am living through it as best I can. If you have tips, I'm all ears.

Jennifer Gibbs Coaching has launched a new offering - an intimate goal setting retreat at one of my favourite places - my property in Queensville, ON. Despite my initial fear that nobody would sign up, it has booked out with incredible women! I can't wait to share the pictures and learnings from the day. I'm also offering speaking engagements on empowering topics like "Why Imposter Syndrome is Badass" (yes you read that correctly) and workshops on "Possibilities and Goal Setting". DM me on social media if interested in booking either of these for your community.

Also, planned for the Fall is a new group coaching program to empower and support women who are making Bold Moves. Too many women are delaying, denying or dropping out of their dreams due to a significant lack of support and tools to see them through the tough bits of what is a very worthwhile adventure. I'm living the Dream Maker adventure right now and the world needs more of us doing so. If you are interested, you can sign up for more info here.

I'm continuing to practice being deeply honest, curious and intentional about what I want to do and how I want to experience my days, even if it puts a big wrench into what I thought my plans were or causes me to panic about money. (My powerhouse friend Nkechi and I discussed the importance of honouring the "ebb and flow" of our hustle in our latest episode of "The Reimagine Show".)

As a result, many crazy ideas have entered my head in the last few weeks. What if we bought an old Recreational Vehicle (RV), renovated it and set off with it to hike and kayak whenever we pleased? (I might have already spent hours researching this idea and coming up with a name for our adorable trailer that does not currently exist.) What if I only work 6 months a year and do whatever I want, or nothing at all, the remaining 6 months? What if I expand my business to offer my leadership in the form of a short-term Interim Executive engagement, helping companies get from one place to another, or from one full-time leader to another? Did you know there is a whole market for Interim Execs and I had NO idea until recently.

Possibility is fun and my brain absolutely does NOT like this non-linear and uncertain way of planning. Although emotionally it has been a ride, I know I am exactly where I need to be.

And you are as well.

If you need help getting through the spinning, stuckness or overall fogginess of what's next for you, DM me. I'd love to coach you forward.

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